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“Finally…The Step-by-step Program to Help Protect Your Child

from the "One Size Fits All" California Vaccine Mandate!”


Get the tools and knowledge you need to protect your rights as a parent to choose the healthcare of your children. 

Take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE program for just $97!

"This presentation is based on my 40+ years of medical practice. I hope all California parents will watch it." - Dr. Kelly Sutton, MD

Kelly Sutton, MD, is a board-certified internist with additional training in pediatrics, providing consultations in anthroposophic medicine for individuals and families in her medical clinic in Fair Oaks, CA. Dr. Sutton’s conventional training and decades of experience provide scientific grounding.The anthroposophic medical approach is based in the human-centered philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher whose work has led to Waldorf Education, Camphill Communities for the handicapped, and Biodynamic Farming, as well as Anthroposophic Medicine. This holistic medicine approach is unique in its scientific basis and its spiritual depth and breadth.

Dr. Sutton bases her diagnosis in part on conventional medicine: history, physical, laboratory and imaging, and subspecialist consultation when needed. Significant understanding arises from listening to aspects of an individual’s biography, life purpose, the emotional context of illness and health, and understanding the level of vitality and strength of the life forces. She treats acute and chronic illness using the least toxic effective treatment for the condition. Anthroposophic remedies (low potency homeopathic preparations and herbs), diet, nutritional supplements, healthy rhythm, warmth are some of the foundational principles she employs. Anthroposophic therapies play a key role in treatment. Pharmaceutically-prepared mistletoe supports the immune system in a variety of disease processes and specifically lessens side effects of cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Conventional prescriptions are given when needed.

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